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MUIO - Steve Symons

Steve Symons 'open sourced' his muio device as part of his 'gyoml' residency. Steve developed a linux software interface for the muio, a modular USB system for "sensing and controlling the Real World". The muio can be interfaced with Pure Data, MAX/MSP, SuperCollider, Processing (and others) and can be hand-made.

Muio interface device

Further Information
about the Muio device can be found at: http://muio.org/interface.php
Build your own mini muio - http://muio.org/interface.php?section=about&page=build
Linux & Mac OS X drivers to interface the device - http://muio.org/interface.php?section=download


MUIO Workshop
  How to build and interface a mini Muio device.
  Star & Shadow Cinema. February 2007.