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BBrian Degger & Sneha Solanki

January 30 2010--
-Polytechnic lab

An afternoon of hands-on demonstrations and discussions on bio-technological processes in art and science. Brian Degger and Sneha Solanki demo'ed and presented ‘biologically’ motivated work made using scientific methods and DIY techiques.

As every aspect of biological life, from food to medicine presents the potential of being manipulated, cloned, created and constructed through scientific processes, society moves away at a further distance in understanding the nature of itself and all life around it. The 'biological' language, processes and effects of closed, corporate or commercial systems are largely uncontested for these reasons and likewise the {possible} benefits are also placed in the same pot. Groups and individuals working in parallel to bio-institutions have taken a hands-on and pragmatic approach to these methods helping to foster a more informed, critical, transparent and novel way of understanding some of these processes for the self, society, human-kind and all biological life ... as we know it.


Image: Cultivation Lab- Plant tissue callus. S.Solanki.
Image above and background: Recipe protein strands. S.Solanki.
Image above & right: BioOceanBall - ideas around industrially reseeding the ocean. B. Degger.

Brian Degger
Brian is an art and science researcher with an education in biotechnology and experiments in open source hardware. He is interested in the boundaries between art, technology and science and how these can be made permeable. Brians work is based on speculative research through six strands of enquiry: marine conservation; micro-climates; biomemetics and robotics; diy kits; mind-machines and advanced grafting.

Speculative research website: http://sr.transitlab.org

Sneha Solanki
Sneha is the co-founder of Polytechnic and works as an artist, educator and producer. Sneha’s work aims to interrogate technological determinism in science and technology through art which is often originates from process-based environments. Her practice extends to sound, web, performance, installation and time-based works. Sneha has presented her plant tissue culturing work- ‘Test Tube Food’ at Fo.am in Brussels as part of the 'Open_Sauces' event.

website: http://electronicartist.net/solanki

- http://electronicartist.net/solanki/he/index.html