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BBrian Degger & Sneha Solanki

January 30 2010--
-Polytechnic lab


Brian Degger and Sneha Solanki both follow the 'hands-on' approach and work with biological materials, tools and artifacts which discuss life. Sneha solanki presented from two points in her research; on hypothetical synthesis and culturing your own 'Test Tube food' from plant tissue including. Sneha also gave an introduction and demonstration on the wet lab processes involved in plant tissue culturing and cloning. Brian Degger presented his protoype DNA photocopying machine, a thermal cycler which amplifies segments and strings of DNA. To extract DNA for his photocopying machine Brian proposed a variety of methods; firstly as an introductory guide to setting-up a DIYBio Lab, using FLOSS, educational kits and auction sites and finally as a wet lab process brian by extracting kiwi fruit DNA.


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Demo on DNA extraction using kiwi fruit.


Demo on plant tissue culturing.


DNA Purification recipe
1/4 of a shot glass full of your saliva
several drops of dish soap (look for sodium laurel sulfate in the ingredients)
a pinch of table salt (1/16 of a teaspoon)
some contact-lens cleaning solution
meat tenderizer, or pineapple juice (optional)
Ice-cold 120-proof+ liquor (60%)(overproof rum works well)

Brian Degger's DIY and DNA and ART talk references pdf >>>
Sneha solanki's Plant tissue culturing recipe pdf >>>


DIYbio. 'Citizen scientists, amateur biologists' - http://diybio.org
Open wetware - http://openwetware.org
Synthetic biology - http://syntheticbiology.org
SymbioticA - http://www.symbiotica.uwa.edu.au/

Adam Zaretsky - http://www.emutagen.com/
Natalie Jerimejenko & Eugene Thackers -BIOTECH hobbyist manual
Heath Bunting's 'Superweed'- http://www.irational.org/cta/superweed/
Critical Art Ensemble- http://www.critical-art.net/Biotech.html
Plants from Test Tubes: Introduction to Micropropagation- by Lydiane Kyte and John Kleyn


FLOSS. Free {Libre} Open Source software

Wet Lab- A laboratory where biological experimentation occurs, termed wet becaus most of biological experimentation is with liquids and is moist. Types follow:
- Bug Lab. Where bacteria are cultured, engineered and bacterial DNA purified. Generally has a slight negative pressure, so that they are contained and not released.
- Protein lab. Where proteins are purified, for example Growth Hormone or Insulin.
Tissue culturing (plant or animal). A lab dedicated to culturing the plant or animal cells where cross contamination with bacteria and fungi is minimised.
DIYbio. A movement- Garage Biotechnology.
Synthetic biology - Making, designing and constructing biological material / matter..

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