# 17

Davy Smith and Daniel Carey demo the 'Aleph', an iphone and android app which draws from yiddish folk tales of the golem. Once the app detects an 'aleph' it consumes icons of media and data.


Peter Nelson, a datarama regular talks about the 'Global Service Jam', in Ouseburn, Newcastle as a 'get-together' to design new services in under 48hrs on shared themes.

• http://www.globalservicejam.org/jamsite/newcastle-jam/


Gloria and Claudio (Aether and Hemera) talk about their intercative installations and forthcoming Durham Brass Festival commission- which is your brass voice, a project whcih translates the audiences voice to a brass instrument.

• http://www.aether-hemera.com/

Alistair McDonald always misses films so he has come up with a hack which displays forthcoming films on twitter using a bot.

• http://www.agm.me.uk/


Marek Gabysch and Lindsay Duncansons project- the noizechoir is performed by the DATARMAMA audience led by noizechoir regulars and choirists- Sarah Blood, Cath Key and Tracey Toffield.

• http://www.noizechoir.tumblr.com


Geoff Ridley shows a text and guitar based video, making witty comments on life and purpose.

• http://www.youtube.com/user/spring74light/


Tracey Toffield, shows documentation of the Whitley Bay Film Festival and her curation of the 'Arthouses' programme in the festival- art in and outside houses.

• http://www.whitleybayfilmfestival.co.uk/