# 15

Peter Nelson set tasks at DATARAMA, gave sweets for the correct answers and talks through neural networks, autonomous computing and algorithms.

Using the technique of foley, Rachel Lancaster plays sound effects made from everyday objects and food stuffs, she later hopes to use these as film sound effects.

• http://www.workplacegallery.co.uk


Katie Goodwin previewed a short animated video made from the discarded and rejected film stock trailer of the Wizard of Oz.

• http://www.katiegoodwin.com

Kelly Richardson shows work-in-progess of a video installation of the terrain of Mars.

• http://www.kellyrichardson.net

Marek Gabysch and Lindsay Duncanson make a return to DATARAMA to play a noizechoir performance- constructed from live and improvised vocal sounds.

• http://www.productofboy.net/
• http://www.noizechoir.tumblr.com