# 14

Marjolaine Ryley talks about her research website - 'Growing up in the New Age'. An autobiographical project which refects on growing up in squats to free school education at Kirkdale School founded by A.S.Neill.

• http://www.growingupinthenewage.org

Ken Byers talks about his practice on virtual architectural space and cyborg bodies.

• http://www.interactionalmedia.com

Brian Ronald one of the developers / mergers of 'Pioneer space Sim', plays the single player simulation game reconstructed and reworked as an open source game with a real-time mapped galaxy from the original 1980's game by David Braben- Elite Frontier.

• http://www.pioneerspacesim.net
• http://www.github.com/pioneerspacesim

The 'White Sleeve Collective' play chiptune music from their handmade label. The WSC release small editions of handmade CD's and casettes.

• http://www.whitesleevecollective.bigcartel.com

Sneha Solanki from Polytechnic shows documentation from her recent installation-'fresh-air shed'. A piece which illustrates research undertaken by NASA on how specific plant neutralise VOC's and comments on plants as media and technology.

• http://www.electronicartist.net/solanki/freshair/


Photos by Polytechnic & Brian Ronald. CC by SA