# 11
Steve Gibson gives a short performance using a graphics tablet programmed to create live visuals using a midi interface.
• http://www.telebody.ws/
• Wacom-MIDI software-
• Demo and instruction videos-
Jo Kazuhiro talks about his sound, noise and installation works.
• http://jo.swo.jp/
Lindsay Duncanson shows her Saltholme project based in a bird reserve amongst heavy chemical industry.

• http://www.productofboy.net/
Alistair McDonalds 'hole mapping' open data project.
• http://agm.me.uk/holemapper
Tom Schofield collaborted with Cohda design to create a 3-D printed spirograph table.
  Dominic Smith shows a clip of Aram Barthols 'USB deaddrops' - USB file sharing embedded in public spaces.
• http://deaddrops.com