# 09


Datarama #09 - AV10 Festival & Maker Faire special
where art & technology collide

Star and Shadow Cinema
. Newcastle upon Tyne, UK.

Mitch Altman's TV-B-Gone is a universal remote control device which switches off most if not all television screens. Mitch talks about this open source project and all that it has entailed to date including licensing, suing and trade marks.
- http://www.cornfieldelectronics.com/

Cathal Garvey talks about DIY biology; his home-made Dremmel-fuge, a centrifuge constructed from a dremmel and and a self-designed 3-d printed attachment. Cathal also gives a step-by-step guide to isolating bioluminescent Bacteria from squids.
- http://letters.cunningprojects.com/

Pete Barnett and Martin Guy demo the 'Sim.One' or 'Simplemachines One'. An open hardware project developed in Italy with contributions from China, India and the UK which aims to provide a € 99 flexible computing interface.
- http://martinwguy.co.uk/
Tom Scott performs 'Mob: a near-future science fiction story' based on flash mobs and social networking.
- http://www.tomscott.com/

Alistair McDonald's narrates his 365 day documentation project of the life of a plastic duck.
- http://www.agm.me.uk/blog/2010/01/mr-ducks-amazing-web-site.php


AV10 Festival- http:www.avfestival.co.uk
Maker Faire http://www.makerfaire.com/newcastle/2010/