# 06

People and Projects shown (notes taken by Brian Degger)

  •     Alistair - A PhP flight simulator (as shown at Hackday 2008)
  •     Richard - An excerpt from music he is composing influenced by We by Yevgeny Zamyatin
  •     Pete - The art of Subtitling Hacking, with example. Subtexts and subtitles
  •     Derrick Welsh - Pictures by children from Derricks picture drawing sessions. Kids are keen to play with devices(such as touch screen phones. The sessions are     run in the Library, and the children can book them out.
  •     Dave Hughs - demoed his Bach hybrid digitla/analogue music synth tonight (he has talked about the ZEIT Step Synth at Datarama #4), influenced by Sequential Circuits Pro One and Moog. The nice thing is that they are nice, marketable, individual. A nice description of the design, and a version of the protoype/implementation. Barge Board is great. Cheap cost,  not pretty yet but it works. (very Heath Robinson). Its going to be very nice AVR based keyboard when it is finished.
Alistair Richard Hindle
David Some random glowing balloon that was never explained