# 02
Star and Shadow Cinema, Newcastle upon Tyne. UK. 23.04.07

With Myron Campbell

Curator Sarah Cook invited visiting artist Myron Campbell to show some of his work. http://www.notsosimpleton.com

It is now widely reported that the first of four historical events responsible for Myron's organic style of art was the result of a malign avian spirit who visited him while he was still in utero. This ethereal creature wrapped Myron's psyche in ghostly feathers and saturated his developing mind in the mounting despair of the natural world. Unprepared for such a hostile nightmare, the prenatal child, still only halfway through his gestation, jolted his mother into an early labour. The profound sentiment left behind by this creature can be seen in creations such as Myron's award winning work “Fragile Circus”. Myron is from Canada, a graduate of the new Media and Arts Program at Medicine Hat College in Alberta, Canada. He has worked at the Banff New Media Institute as a digital artist for the online magazine, Horizon Zero, where he won numerous awards including recognition for “The Flowering of Forgotten Gifts” (a collaborative project for the National Film Board of Canada). Prior to that he worked on various projects for the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC), including creating a twisted web-world for the cult television show, "The Trailer Park Boys".

His personal website “notsosimpleton.com” was included in the publication, Taschen's 1000 favorite websites. Most recently, after putting the finishing touches on a new music video for The Bell Orchestre, funded by Bravofact!, he relocated temporarily to Belfast to undertake a digital artists residency at Queen's studio.