Cube-Cola: composition 1

Testing Cube-cola from a concentrate composition.

Polytechnic + Star & Shadow Cinema.
Newcastle upon Tyne.

Cube-Cola Composition A + B
1.5kg white sugar
2L tap water
Highland Spring Mineral water

Sparkling water

Cube-Cola Composition A + B & Postal instructions. 1. 2L of warm tap water. 2.1.5kg white sugar added to warm tap water.
3. Sugar and warm water whisked to dissolve into a sugar syrup solution. 4. Cube-Cola Composition A added to sugar syrup solution. 5. Cube-Cola Composition B added to sugar syrup solution.
6. Solution whisked gently to mix the Cola concentrate. 7. 5 parts sparkling spring mineral water added to 1 part Cola solution. Taster drinking the Cube-Cola mix.


Nostalgic .

Nice imitation.

Taste's a bit like other non coke colas.

I liked the flavour just needs more fizz - and then some ice cream!

I really like it. I'm not your usual coca cola drinker - but the cube cola is more herby and less saccharine / sugar drenched than the proprietary brand.
Still requires lots of ice though...
It's openly refreshing!
Tasting session with ice, lime & lemon. Bottles marked for 1 to 5 solution Cube-Cola mix.