2002 - 2012 an artist led group working with a hands-on, open and distributed approach to art & technology


A co-project of Dominic Smith & Sneha Solanki: 2002 - 2012


* A R C H I V E *


Media ecologies


Open Music Archive

   Spectral Ecologies

Martin Howse 

   re-creation of the Shredder V0.2

open source

   Chipmusic tracker lab

Brendan Ratliffe

   Hardware & bits: computer jumble sale 1 & 2

Re-distribution of past technologies

   Bio art lab - software . hardware . wetware

Brian Deggar & Sneha Solanki

   Ecologies web radio

  Random Information Exchange
A bureau of derivations and modifications- http://randomexchange.info

   R.I.E.B Beta 0.1

SCANZ .New Zealand.

   R.I.E.B Alpha 0.2

_Open Source City. Folly.

   R.I.E Alpha 0.1

Waygood Artfayre, Waygood Gallery. Newcastle upon Tyne.
  GYOML {grow your own media lab}
Ground-up media spaces.

   GYOML - interfaces

Matt Gray + LINAC | Steve Symons + MUIO
    Labs / workshops
  Cube-Cola Lab
Kate Rich & Kayle Brandon engineer cola from raw ingredients.
Steve Symons MUIO interface workshop
Open Mute Tour -2 day workshop from mute
  Sound Circuit
LektroLab - Channel 4 Idea's Factory
  Supercollider workshop
Introduction to Supercollider with Matt Gray. Version Festival.
  Pure Data lab
Aymeric Mansoux & Derek Holzer lead a 5 day PD workshop
  open audi0
Open Source audio group
  DATARAMA #01 - 17
Open show and tell event
90 minutes of synaesthesia
reversed engineered & circuit bent beats

   no-dexx webcast

no-dexx Newcastle > micro_music London_hq